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CountryCountyForename (main)Surname (main)Family Reference (main)Personal Reference (main)Service RankService No.RegimentDate Of DeathAge (main)Calc Birth Year (main)Where BuriedGps Co-ordinatesNotesAdditional InformationGeneral InformationRepositoryOns / OpsFormatted Date Of Event
ENGGeorgeDEBNAMDEBENHAMPrivateSR/7419Middlesex Regiment, 2nd Bn.14 Mar 1915351880Le Touret Memorial, Panels 31 And 32., Pas De Calais, France50.560137, 2.723137Son of Charles and Mary Ann Debnam.CWGCONS19150314
AUSThomas LeslieDEBNAMDEBENHAMPrivate1340Australian Infantry, A.I.F., 2nd Bn.29 Jul 1915261889Addolorata Cemetery, E. Ea. A. 653., Malta35.87065, 14.50006Son of Thomas and Margaret Debnam, of Milkman's Creek, Young, New South Wales.NOT GONE FROM MEMORY NOR FROM LOVE BUT TO OUR FATHER'S HOME ABOVECWGCONS19150729
ENGHerbertDEBENHAMDEBENHAMLieutenantEast Lancashire Regiment, 6th Bn9 August 191526Helles Memorial, Panel 114 To 118., Turkey (Including Gallipoli)40.046065, 26.179141Son of Edith Debenham, of "Normanstone," Gladstone Parade, Lindfield, New South Wales, and the late John Willmott Debenham. B.A., Sydney, Australia. Studying in London School of Economics at outbreak of war. Mentioned in DespatchesCWGCONS19150809
ENGESSAlfred LeonardDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPioneer40825Royal Engineers, 67th Field Coy.02 Sep 1915191896Helles Memorial, Panel 24 To 26 Or 325 To 328., Turkey (Including Gallipoli)40.046065, 26.179141Son of Alfred E. and Eliza Debenham, of "Rosedale," Halstead, Essex.CWGCONS19150902
AUSGeorge ParkmanDEBNAMDEBENHAMCorporal261Australian Light Horse, 10th25 Sep 1915Lone Pine Memorial, 9., Turkey (Including Gallipoli)40.23036,: 26.28794CWGCONS19150925
ENGLDNFrederic ErnestDEBENHAMDEBENHAMLance Corporal1949London Regiment, 1st/20th Bn.25 Sep 1915211894Loos Memorial, Panel 130 To 135., Pas De Calais, France50.461, 2.77173Son of Ernest Frederic and Rhoda Emily Debenham, of 342, Stanstead Rd., Catford, London.CWGCONS19150925
ENGThomas JamesDEBNAMDEBENHAMPrivate7484Lincolnshire Regiment, 3rd Bn.22 Nov 1915321883Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery, 42. D. 4., Lincolnshire, England53.54651, -0.08892Husband of Mary E. Debnam, of Rillaton, Linkinhorne, Callington, Cornwall.AT RESTCWGCONS19151122
CANPercy DebenhamPEMBERTONPEMBERTONPrivate418776Canadian Infantry03 Jun 1916Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm)Latitude: 50.83526, Longitude: 2.9035VI. D. 24.CWGCONS19160603
ENGLDNJohn BenjaminDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate4809London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), 2nd Bn.05 Jul 1916351881Foncquevillers Military Cemetery, I. D. 30., Pas De Calais, France50.14928, 2.62608Husband of Ellen M. Debenham, of 7, Burns House, Cornwall Rd., Bethnal Green, London.CWGCONS19160705
ENGArthur LambertDEBENHAMDEBENHAMSerjeantR/4398King's Royal Rifle Corps, 20th Bn.11 Jul 1916331883Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz, Vii. I. 9., France49.99943, 2.74371Husband of Emily Debenham, of 8, Alfred St., Worth Village, Keighley, Yorks.CWGCONS19160711
AUSHarry EdwardDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate3080Australian Infantry, A.I.F., 4th Bn.16 August 191627Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, Somme, France49.88707, 2.51292Son of Fredrick William and Jessie Debenham, of 14, Paketalie St., Greymouth, New Zealand.CWGCONS19160816
ENGF CDEBENHAMDEBENHAMDriver25800Royal Field Artillery, 108th Bty. 23rd Bde.22 August 1916Peronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt, Ii. I. 32., Somme, France49.97808, 2.78206CWGCONS19160822
ENGSFKFrederick ThomasDEBENHAMDEBENHAM19375Private26017The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, 9th Bn.05 Sep 1916261890Serain Communal Cemetery Extension, B. 47., Aisne, France50.03123, 3.36363Son of Thomas Debenham, of "Gable End," Wingfield St., Bungay, Suffolk, and the late Eliza Debenham.BORN AT BUNGAY, SUFFOLKOn Bungay War MemorialCWGCONS19160905
ENGWilliam BertramDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate206155Machine Gun Corps (Heavy Branch), "D" Coy.15 Sep 1916241892Thiepval Memorial, Pier And Face 5 C And 12 C., Somme, France50.050664 2.685662Son of Mrs. Annie Laureen Appleton, of 33, Northumberland Rd., Coventry.CWGCONS19160915
ENGCDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivateT4/085330Army Service Corps, 6th Div. Supply Col.11 Nov 1916Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-L'abbe, Somme, France49.940765, 2.541807CWGCONS19161111
ENGKeithDEBENHAMDEBENHAMLieutenantHighland Light Infantry, 3rd Bn.04 Dec 1916231893Brompton Cemetery, London E3, England51.48292, -0.18627Son of Rebort and Grace Debenham, of Melbourne, Australia.CWGCONS19161204
ENGADEBNAMDEBENHAMGunner188Royal Field Artillery, "D" Bty. 282nd Bde.28 May 1917Dranoutre Military Cemetery, I. J. 12., West-Vlaanderen, Belgium50.76706, 2.78003CWGCONS19170528
NZCharlesDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate38266Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F., 3rd Bn.17 Jun 1917231894Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, I. S. 32., Nord, France50.70412, 2.80315Son of Henry E. and Mary E. Debenham, of Bright St., Cobden, Greymouth, New Zealand. Native of Denniston, New Zealand.CWGCONS19170617
ENGLDNHenryDEBNAMDEBENHAMRifleman42457Royal Irish Rifles, 1st Bn.16 August 191728Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 138 To 140., West-Vlaanderen, Belgium50.887610, 3.000837Son of Mrs. Marie Debnam, of 7, Appian Rd., Roman Rd., Old Ford, London.CWGCONS19170816
ENGESSGeorge HenryDEBNAMDEBENHAMPrivate40557Essex Regiment, 11th Bn.03 Sep 1917231894Bethune Town Cemetery, Vi. G. 31., France50.53674, 2.64277Son of Thomas and Rebecca Debnam, of Harlow Common, Harlow, Essex.CWGCONS19170903
NZHenry EdwardDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate29230Canterbury Regiment, N.Z.E.F., 13th Coy. 1st Bn.12 Oct 1917281889Tyne Cot Memorial, N.Z. Apse, Panel 2., West-Vlaanderen, Belgium50.887610, 3.000837Son of H. E. and M. E. Debenham, of Bright St., Cobden, Greymouth. Native of Kumara.CWGCONS19171012
ENGSFKClifford FrankDEBENHAMDEBENHAM19368Lance Corporal43603Norfolk Regiment, 8th Bn.22 Oct 1917251892Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 34 To 35., West-Vlaanderen, Belgium50.887610, 3.000837Son of Frank and Alice Maria Debenham, of 32, Wingfield St., Bungay, Suffolk.On Bungay War MemorialCWGCONS19171022
ENGSFKWilliamDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate329209Cambridgeshire Regiment, 1st Bn.15 Nov 1917351882Tyne Cot Memorial, Panel 148., West-Vlaanderen, Belgium50.887610, 3.000837Son of the late Alfred Debenham, of Glemsford, Sudbury, Suffolk; husband of Mabel Debenham, of Cross Green, Hartest, Bury St. Edmund's.CWGCONS19171115
ENGAlfred VictorDEBNAMDEBENHAMLance Corporal17721Bedfordshire Regiment, 1st Bn.04 Jul 1918201898Tannay British Cemetery, Thiennes, Plot 4. Row F. Grave 8., Nord, France50.63785, 2.4958Son of Mark Debnam, of Clapgate, Albury, Hertfordshire.HE DIED TO GIVE US PEACECWGCONS19180704
ENGSFKHerbertDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivateG/23810Royal Sussex Regiment, 7th Bn.13 August 191818Vis-En-Artois Memorial, Panel 6., Pas De Calais, France50.2469, 2.95038Son of Herbert and Eliza Debenham, of 22, Queen's Terrace, Suffolk Rd., Sudbury, Suffolk.CWGCONS19180813
AUSCuthbert William DebenhamWHEELDONWHEELDONLance Corporal2256Australian Infantry, A.I.F, 45th Battalion19 Aug 1918241894Fouquescourt British CemeteryLatitude: 49.77367, Longitude: 2.75475Son of Henry Thomas Wheeldon and Emily Elizabeth Wheeldon, of Gladstone, New South Wales. DEARLY LOVED SON OF MR. & MRS. WHEELDON OF GLADSTONE,N.S.W.I. A. 4CWGCONS19180819
ENGNFKHenry EdwardDEBENHAMDEBENHAMRifleman388018London Regiment (Post Office Rifles), 8th Bn. formerly 8th Bn. Norfolk Regiment29 Oct 1918401878Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension, Hainault, Belgium50.595957, 3.375742Husband of Harriet Anne Debenham, of 13, Newtown, London Rd., Thetford, Norfolk.CWGCONS19181029
ENGHerbert AustinDEBENHAMDEBENHAMSecond LieutenantQueen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment), 4th Bn.01 Nov 1918251893Vis-En-Artois Memorial, Panel 7., Pas De Calais, France50.2469, 2.95038Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Debenham, of Antwerp.CWGCONS19181101
ENGSFKStanley FrederickDEBENHAMDEBENHAM19369Private225121Northamptonshire Regiment, 9th Bn.13 Apr 1921301891Bungay Cemetery, Far Left Corner Of New Ground., Suffolk, England52.44859, 1.44459Son of Frank and Alice Maria Debenham, of 32, Wingfield St., Bungay.CWGCONS19210413
ENGJohn SpencerDEBENHAMDEBENHAMAircraftman 2Nd Class623688Royal Air Force07 Dec 1940211919Goderich (Maitland) Cemetery, Range B. Sec. 7. Lot 27.,Ontario, Canada43.72733, -81.68504Son of Herbert and Hilda Annie Debenham, of Farnham, Surrey, England.CWGCONS19401207
ENGNFKClifford HarryDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate5769692Royal Norfolk Regiment, 2nd Bn.06 Jan 1941291912Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery, 2A. D. 3., Poland50.07679, 19.95493Son of Charles W. Debenham and Annie M. Debenham, of Brockdish, Norfolk.REST IN PEACECWGCONS19410106
AUSGeoffrey LancasterDEBENHAMDEBENHAMSergeant411295Royal Australian Air Force09 Oct 1942251917Perth War Cemetery And Annex, O.B.6., Western Australia, Australia-31.97194, 115.80571Son of Frederick and Leila Eveline Debenham, of Frederickton, New South Wales.CWGCONS19421009
AUSFrancis DebenhamMILNEMILNERPilot Officer33516Royal Australian Air Force26 Nov 1942251917Arlington National CemeteryLatitude: 38.87678, Longitude: -77.07868Son of Francis Rupert and Mignonette Milne; husband of Nance May Milne, of Southport, QueenslandGrave Ref: Sec. 34. Coll. Grave 4754.CWGCONS19421126
NZKevin FrederickDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPilot Officer412211Royal New Zealand Air Force, 75 (R.A.F.) Sqdn16 Apr 1943261917Rheinberg War Cemetery, 20. A. 10., Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany51.52928, 6.56417Son of Frederick and Elizabeth Ellen Debenham, of Oxford, Canterbury, New Zealand.CWGCONS19430416
ENGAlfred GordonDEBENHAMDEBENHAMSergeant943098Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve28 Apr 1943291914Leicester (Saffron Hill) Cemetery, Sec. E. Cons. Grave 41., Leicestershire, England52.59351, -1.1315Son of Alfred and Frances Mary Debenham, of Leicester; husband of Margaret Debenham, of Leicester.CWGCONS19430428
ENGESSPeterDEBNAMDEBENHAMLance Corporal6023560Royal Tank Regiment, R.A.C., 12th30 Apr 1943221921Oued Zarga War Cemetery, 1. D. 21., Tunisia36.67692, : 9.41363Son of George Frederick and Alice Debnam; husband of Patricia May Debnam, of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.CWGCONS19430430
ENGMDXHerbert John HarryDEBNAMDEBENHAMFlying Officer100628Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 228 Sqdn.24 May 1943311912Runnymede Memorial, Panel 124., Surrey, England51.43804, -0.56503Son of John Harry and Mabel Debnam, of Enfield, Middlesex; husband of Phyllis Eileen Debnam, of Enfield.CWGCONS19430524
ENGGeoffrey Bernard AndrewDEBNAMDEBENHAMSergeant1615496Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve12 Jul 1943201923Watford North Cemetery, Sec. B. Cons. Grave 58., Hertfordshire, England51.68355, -0.40325Son of Bernard and Ethel Laura Debnam, of Watford."AT HIS COMMAND"CWGCONS19430712
ENGDorothy WinifredDEBNAMDEBENHAMWren30743Women's Royal Naval Service, H.M.S. Landrail05 Nov 1943301913Crockerton (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, West Of Church., Wiltshire, England51.18273, -2.20125Daughter of James and Elizabeth Debnam, of Wylye.A LOVING DAUGHTER LAID TO REST FOR EVERY ONE SHE DID HER BESTCWGCONS19431105
ENGKenneth Barry LempriereDEBENHAMDEBENHAM15858Squadron Leader81656Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 126 Sqdn.16 Dec 1943241919Malta Memorial, Panel 6. Column 1., Malta35.8947, 14.50783Son of Professor Frank Debenham and Dorothy Lucy Debenham, of Cambridge.CWGCONS19431216
ENGDouglas MortimerDEBENHAMDEBENHAMPrivate5828996Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, 5th Bn.28 Dec 1943251918Sangro River War Cemetery, Xi. C. 14., Italy42.21912, 14.5365Son of Edwin Holford Debenham and Sybil Helena Debenham.IN LOVING MEMORY OF "DOUG" WHO WOULD HIMSELF HAVE CHOSEN THIS FAREWELLCWGCONS19431228
ENGRaymond JackDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFlying Officer139711Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 95 Sqdn.13 Apr 1944221922Malta Memorial, Panel 13, Column 1., Malta35.8947, 14.50783Son of Edward Albert and Florence Emily Debenham, of Crossgates, Yorkshire.CWGCONS19440413
ENGFrank HarryDEBENHAMDEBENHAMGunner911727Royal Artillery, 31 Field Regt.14 Apr 1944301914Poznan Old Garrison Cemetery, 8. A. 8., Poland52.41799, 16.93272CWGCONS19440414
ENGPeter DebethamPROWNBROWNRifleman3193527Cameronians (Scottish Rfiles), 1st Battaltion15 May 1944241920Taukkyan War CeneteryLatitude: 17.03567, Longitude: 96.13127Son of Emma Debetham Brown, of Heaton, Newcastle-on-Tyne.6. B. 18CWGCONS19440515
AUSIan KeithDEBENHAMDEBENHAMSub-LieutenantRoyal Australian Naval Reserve, H.M.A.S. Australia21 Oct 1944191925Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 92, Column 2., Devon, England50.36573, -4.14223Son of Arthur and Lorna Constance Debenham, of Toorak, Victoria, Australia.CWGCONS19441021
ENGLDNNorman EdwinDEBENHAMDEBENHAMWarrant Officer Class IiT/899530Royal Army Service Corps16 Feb 1945291916Melcombe Regis Cemetery, Grave 19., , Dorset, England50.61394, -2.46389Son of Edwin Holford Debenham and Sybil Helena Debenham; husband of Joyce Squire Debenham, of Stockwell, London.THERE SHALL BE NO MORE PAINCWGCONS19450216
ENGODEBENHAMDEBENHAMConstable651Palestine Police Force09 Nov 1946231923Jerusalem Protestant Cemetery, Plot H. Grave 17., Israel And Palestine (Including Gaza)31.77056,: 35.22881Son of Mrs. Dora Debenham.CWGCONS19461109