This is all the Civil Registration of Marriages from the General Record Office (GRO) for Ireland, that have the Surname of Debenham (or variants).

This is purely the transcribed records and no family grouping is made or implied.

Where a family grouping is suggested, by a Census for example, then the relationships may be viewed by selecting the Surname Index and following the links to your person of choice.

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CountryCountyQuarter And YearForename(s) (main)Surname (main)Family Reference (main)Personal Reference (main)Age (main)Occupation (main)Residence (main)Forename(s) (spouse)Surname (spouse)Maiden Name (spouse)Family Reference (spouse)Personal Reference (spouse)Age (spouse)Occupation (spouse)Residence (spouse)Registration DistrictVolumePageNotesOns / OpsFormatted Date Of Event
IRLCOR02 Jun 1910Roland JohnDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFullSoldierAlderahotNora MaryCRONINCRONINCRONINFullFactory WardBallydaheenMallowGrooms Forename is given as Roland, but his signature seems to say Ronald??? Solemnised According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Roman Catholic ChurchONS19100602