Scanning Service

Epson Perfection 4990 Scanner For many years I have used a scanner that is fairly old by todays technology standards - an Epson Perfection 4990 - but it is an excellent scanner, and I have not had any good reason to change it. Most images are scanned in 48-bit colour and at 1200 or 2400 dpi resolution. Although the bed is only capable of handling upto Foolscap size, I have in the past used it to take multiple images of larger documents and then stitched them all together using image processing software.

I use the scanner mainly for smaller documents and photos, and I used it to digitise my Dad's 35mm photographic slides and also microfiche of Parish Records using film holders.

Camera Setup For larger artifacts, and by that I mean anything larger than the foolscap capabilities of my scanner, or the item is delicate (ie Deeds with wax seals) or unwieldy (ie large Directories), then I use my Nikon D5300 Camera, mounted on a tripod with a horizontal arm, to digitise the image.

The Camera is connected to my Laptop, a Microsoft SurfacePro 9, via a cable and I use the SurfacePro to take the image, rather than using the Camera. This means that there is less risk of hand-wobble.

I am able to offer a scanning service, locally, for documents relating to the villages of Aspall, Debenham, Kenton, Mickfield, Stonham Aspall, Stonham Parva and Winston. Contact me on the email below for more details.

Book Rest

I use the following Databases and Tools:

  • Custodian - for recording all the transcriptions
  • The Master Genealogist (TMG) - for recording the relationships suggested by those transcriptions
  • Second Site - for generating the Website from the data held in TMG and Custodian
  • Excel Macros - for converting the Custodian tables into HTML files for use by Second Site