This is all the Civil Registration of Births from the General Record Office (GRO) for Scotland, that have the Surname of Debenham (or variants).

This is purely the transcribed records and no family grouping is made or implied.

Where a family grouping is suggested, by a Census for example, then the relationships may be viewed by selecting the Surname Index and following the links to your person of choice.

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CountryCountyYear Of BirthForename(s) (main)Surname (main)Family Reference (main)Personal Reference (main)Surname (mother)Family Reference (mother)Personal Reference (mother)Gender (main)District NameEntry NumberNotesOns / OpsFormatted Date Of Event
SCO1915Elsie MarieLEVYLEVYDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFStranraer899 / 70ONS19150000
SCO1921Albert J SneddoDEBENHAMDEBENHAMMKelty410 / 2 / 18119210000
SCO1922Francis EdwardDEBENHAMDEBENHAMMSt Andrew (Edinburgh)685 / 2 / 461ONS19220000
SCO1925Margaret JackDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFKelty410 / 2 / 98ONS19250000
SCO1929May DebenhamCOWECOWEFPitsligo233 / 36ONS19290000
SCO1969Moyra DebenhamDOUGLASDOUGLASFEast Kilbride643 / 469ONS19690000
SCO1982Holly SamanthaDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFKilmarnock666 / 567ONS19820000
SCO1984Mark RobertDEBENHAMDEBENHAMMPaisley647 / 209ONS19840000
SCO2000Kezia MargaretDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFTurriff314 / 9ONS20000000
SCO2006Mia Charlotte CDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFEdinburgh735 / 381ONS20060000
SCO2009ReiDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFEdinburgh Central735 / 477ONS20090000
SCO2011SarahDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFEdinburgh Central738 / 604ONS20110000
SCO2012Murray JohnDEBENHAMDEBENHAMMJohnstone644 / 480ONS20120000
SCO2017Sarah ReganDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFMotherwell & Wishaw570 / 159ONS20170000
SCO2019Willow RobertaDEBENHAMDEBENHAMFElgin280 / 141ONS20190000
SCO2022Dylan Murray GeDEBENHAMDEBENHAMMElgin280 / 183ONS20220000